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Quality, technology and reliability are words that guide the execution of all Bertolini Storage Systems projects.

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Provide intralogistics solutions generating value with innovation and competitiveness is the mission of Bertolini Sistemas de Armazenagem, one of the most significant units of the Bertolini Group in terms of solutions offer and turnover. Founded in 1984, the company followed a path of constant development and has become a reference in its segment in South America.

Currently with a manufacturing unit located in the city of Colatina (ES), with 27,000 square meters of built area and headquartered in Bento Gonçalves (RS), where the Bertolini Group was founded, Storage Systems develops storage and handling systems using modern and innovative materials for various market niches and different types of inventory and Distribution Centers. Provides specialized technical staff to study and plan the best solution with the best products, according to the needs of the customers.

The company is committed to sustainable growth, with constant investment in training and cutting-edge technology, combined with environmental awareness and social responsibility - conducts that made it become a model company in the segment in which it operates.

Bertolini Sistemas de Armazenagem offers modern and secure systems in the whole country also in Uruguay and Bolivia. Its most relevant products and services include the Drive-in racking, Cantilever, Mezzanine, live-storage , Push Back, Flow Rack, Mobile Base, and Clad rack Structures. In addition to these products, it offers automation solutions for moving materials such as the radio shuttle , stacker crane , tracks and belts. It also offers technical safety inspections, whereby technicians visit customers and perform safety checks on palletized storage in accordance with national and international standards.

Own Technology Center

Bertolini Technology Center, created in Bento Gonçalves in August 2009 and reopened in April 2017, is one of the most modern storage systems analysis laboratories in Brazil. It carries out research for the development of new products and tests that scientifically attest to their safety and quality. Among the tests performed are pillar compression, beam bending and stiffness of couplings.

Administração e Vendas (RS)
  • Rua Francisco Luiz Bertolini nº 235, Conceição
    Bento Gonçalves (RS) CEP 95701-118
  • +55 (54) 2102.4991
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Fábrica Colatina (ES)
  • Rodovia BR-259,s/n - Km 51 Bloco II, Santa Helena
    Colatina (ES) CEP 29705-760
  • +55 (27) 2101.5500
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Bertolini Group has a history of more than 50 years which highlights the strength of entrepreneurship, translated into a successful trajectory.

50 years of stories

Bertolini is positioned as one of the largest Brazilian companies, with operations in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Espirito Santo and Pernambuco. In addition to factories and offices throughout Brazil, it also has business units in the United States, Mexico and Colombia, totaling over 900 direct employees. As a large company, its numbers are also large: more than 120,000 square meters of built area, own fleet with over 100 trucks and exporting to 25 countries.

Founding of Bertolini Metallurgy

The brothers Walter, Rui, Raul, Henrique and Antonio, founded Metalúrgica Bertolini Ltda, which was at the beginning a metalworks shop.

Start of Production

With its own pavilion of 3,600 m², production and commercialization of metal structures begins.

Start of Steel Kitchens Production

Expansion of the physical area to 5,740 m², expansion of the product line, adding steel lockers, shelves and cabinets and also cafeteria tables.

Start of Storage Systems Production
Storage systems Line Expansion

Expansion of the product line of storage systems.

Creation of the HB System Line

Innovation in the domestic market: start of the manufacture of bedroom furniture in MDF, being the first company to work with this material at industrial level in the country.

Start of MDF Kitchens Production

Production of MDF kitchens begins and the HB System (High Bertolini) line is gradually expanded.

Creation of Bertolini Branch 1

In a new production area, the Storage Systems Unit becomes Branch 1 of the Bertolini company.

Creation of Bertolini Branch 2

The Wood Furniture unit is transferred and becomes Branch 2 the of Bertolini company.

Bertolini S/A

Metalúrgica Bertolini Ltda becomes Bertolini S/A, a privately held corporation.

Evviva Bertolini is born

Evviva Bertolini is born, a brand created for the HB System line.

Opening of the Service Unit (Usber)
LOGBER Logística e Transporte de Cargas Ltda

Creation of LOGBER Logística e Transporte de Cargas Ltda., a logistics and transportation company.

Creation of the Furniture Industry EVVIBER Ltda

Creation of the EVVIBER Ltda Furniture Industry, which produces and sells the MDF furniture line of the Evviva Bertolini brand.

Start of operations in Colatina

In February 2014, production begins at the new factory in Colatina, ES.